Probable Bug in German Translation

Jim Cornette fc-cornette at
Tue Aug 3 01:29:53 UTC 2004

Martin Weil wrote:
> Hi!
> I noticed a probable bug in the german translation.To be honest, I don't 
> know if it occurs in other translations.
> When you do a graphical login, and enter a wrong password, the second 
> time two text phrases are printed over each other. It's no big deal but 
> should be reported. I tried to use Bugzilla but didn't get very far. I 
> didn't know which component to choose... Perhaps this is the wrong list 
> to post this, if so, sorry 'bout that.
> Regards
> Martin

gdm if you are using the default setup.

kdm if you are using the KDE login manager.

There were some bugs related to German translations. I did not see one 
describing your symptoms. Most fixes were moved upstream.


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