cbq trafic control in kernel 2.6.7-1.494.2.2 (Fedora 2)

Claudio da Silva Junior csjunior at colnet.com.br
Wed Aug 11 11:57:12 UTC 2004


I update my gateway machine with the lasts updates of fedora 2, but now
I have the cbq errors on usage:
The /var/log/messages show the menssage:

Aug 11 08:57:00 OurizonaGW kernel: Please upgrade your iproute2 tools or
compile proper options in!

My rpms:

Where I do the command "cbq start" the trafic don't is shape!
What I do?

Claudio Jr.

Colnet Internet
Claudio da Silva Junior
csjunior arroba colnet ponto com ponto br
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