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Mark Neidorff mark at
Thu Aug 12 08:55:18 UTC 2004

On Wed, 11 Aug 2004, James Pifer wrote:

> I know this topic is discussed a lot and I've googled for a lot of
> information. I still wouldn't mind some help, because of information
> overload...
> I have a system with a 20gig drive. I'd like to move the whole install
> to another drive, 120 gig, so I can use the 20 gig drive in another
> system. I have the 120 gig drive installed right now as a slave. 
> Can I?:
> 1) Create the same partitions on the new drive (boot, /, and swap)
> 2) boot off Knoppix and mount all the drives, 20 GB and 120 GB
> 3) use cp and copy the data from the 20 to the 120
> 4) remove the 20 and make the 120 the primary and only drive
> 5) reinstall(or restore) grub on the 120
> Is there an easier way to do this with both drives in the same machine?

Why not take a look at Mondorescue?  I've used it to back up a 
complete live file system, boot from the created CD, and then restore to a 
different drive.  Mondo will partition the drive for you.  In your case, 
Mondo will give you a chance to set up your own scheme, or it will take 
the same parititoning scheme that you currently have and allow you to use 
that exact scheme or make each (new) partition proportionatly larger.  For 
a "simple" program it does a great job!


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