List of laptop (pcmcia) wirelss network cards

Mike Klinke lsomike at
Tue Aug 24 17:56:58 UTC 2004

On Tuesday 24 August 2004 12:45, TroyGeek wrote:
> Does anyone have a list of pcmcia wireless networking cards (for
> my laptop) that work with fedora (currently running core 2) out
> of the box? I have three cards all of which I couldn't get
> working or the drivers don't work with the 2.6 kernel. I'd rather
> go to Best Buy, CompUSA, or some other store and buy a fairly
> inexpensive card and not have to tweak files, compile drivers,
> etc.
> thank you for your time!
> ~ TroyGeek ~

I have a Cisco Aironet 350 Series PCMCIA adapter running on FC3T1 
out of the box.  Haven't tried FC2 so can't say for sure how that 
would work.

Regards, Mike Klinke

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