Finding compat-libstdc++-7.3-2.96.126.i386.rpm in Fedora

John Summerfield debian at
Fri Dec 3 05:47:45 UTC 2004

On Friday 03 December 2004 12:22, Marvin Dickens wrote:
> > My expectations of yum aren't high atm, I've done nothing to set it up.
> Like apt has no problems:
> 1.) dpkg-compabability issues  
> 2.) apt checks *your* rpm database and not a repo
> 3.) non native package listings
> 4.) apt will install using: rpm -i --nodeps --noorder
> If you think any of the above are not current or serious
> quality issues that apt users complain about, run a google
> on any of them. Also, I can add more, but these are some
> of the more serious issues with apt (As I see it).
> We have a couple of debian boxes I maintain. So, don't tell
> me that apt won't hoark a debian installation. I know better.
> Also, I'm not going to get into other issues that regarding
> what wrong with debian (I've got a list) because this is the
> *FEDORA* mailing list, not the debian list.

I really do not understand what people are getting excited about. I have no 
particular expectation of yum because I have no experience with it on which 
to base those expectations.

I do have experience with apt-get _in debian_ and yes, I did get it thoroughly 
confused when I mixed and matched sources to compensate for Woody's 
shortcomings (but it also allowed me to fix it once I hit on the right 

_I_ have seen people on this list say they prefer apt-get; it's clear a lot 
don't. I intend to find out about yum, but until I have some experience with 
it it don't have any particular expectations.

Hopes, wishes - those are different. I hoped it would look at my DVD. I wish 
it would look at my DVD.

For the moment, I have nothing better than the find command I mentioned a 
while back, and the hope I can resolve dependancies.


John Summerfield
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