FC2 -> FC3 upgrade question

John Summerfield debian at herakles.homelinux.org
Wed Dec 8 07:46:47 UTC 2004

On Wednesday 08 December 2004 09:46, Alexander Dalloz wrote:
> from John that "Ubuntu is so easy to install, easier than Fedora",
For small numbers, perfectly true, Not just my opinion, I linked to a review 
that makes just that point yesterday.

> "Ubuntu has so much packages, try it" - no quotation, just from head! -

True too. If you want phpgroup, snort, kde (not standard), shorewall, 
fwbuilder, "apt-get install" will get it.

Or as someone else has pointed out, use synaptic. I don't normally, but it's a 
damned fine tool and if you're not happy with the commandline you should use 
it (on Unbuntu and probably on Debian).

> "I run Debian with XY" and "on Debian I do it this way".

Over the past six months I have run Debian (Woody and Sarge), Slackware, SuSE 
9, Mandrake 10, FC 2.9, FC 3, Nahant DT and AS and Darwin and my Powerbook 
runs OS X.

I didn't keep Slack for long, and the system with SuSE got redeployed because 
I had display probs (I discovered _no_ version of Linux works well on that 
beast), and Mandrake isn't getting much attention.

Strangely enough, Debian despite all its faults (and they are legion) does 
some things well. Sometimes, better than RHEL/FC. If FC can pick up some of 
those ideas, then FC will become better.

RH already has picked up some stuff from Debian, and Debian has picked up 
stuff from RH.

_I_ don't care what OS people use (though perhaps I wish they wouldn't use 
Broken Windows); the main thing is that they use something appropriate to 
their needs.

Many people have used RHL/FC for years - my first was 3.0.3 and some have been 
happy with it for all of that time. I'd not sounsel those to use anything 
else, but then they can't really advise on what is the best choice for anyone 
either, because they don't know anything else.

If someone's having problems of some kind with FC, then a suggestion of 
something else is, I think, the best advice I can offer.

If I were installing a new system for myself with a completely free hand, 
there's a rough chance I'd choose FC. On a Mac it would be Ubuntu. On a 
laptop it would probably be Ubuntu. At work I recently installed Ubuntu for 
my desktop use, and I'd mostly recommend Ubuntu to someone with no previous 
Linux experience. For a SOHO server, Clark Connect is a good choice, 
especially for someone who's not technically strong: it's basically RH/FC 
with a good set of software, configuration tools and a decent support 

At home for my IA32 workstation the choice would be between Debian and FC, 
unless I decide to go AMD-64 in which case FC is more likely.


John Summerfield
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