Nautilus in Browser mode by default?

Jonathan Berry berryja at
Fri Dec 10 06:05:08 UTC 2004

On Wed, 8 Dec 2004 22:32:28 -0500, Jim <lawrence.jim at> wrote:
> On Wed, 08 Dec 2004 21:23:17 -0600, Eric Scott <scottclansman at> wrote:
> > Yo;  I just installed Fedora 2 a couple weeks ago (Former
> > Mandrake/SuSE/Debian tinkerer... fairly new to Linux in general), and
> > have been trying to give the default Windows95/Old Mac OS spread-out
> > method of Nautilus's windows a chance... and am about to blow over the
> > top.  I find myself running "nautilus --browser"more and more often...
> >
> > *How do I get Nautilus to run in browser mode by default, like it used
> > to?* (The last version of RedHat I used was 8.0... and it was fine in
> > this respect.)  Do people really like the spread-out method that much?
> > Or did RedHat make an executive decision... isn't this a community
> > project?  Bla.  Just in case you hadn't got it, the Explorer-98 style
> > (Side pane, address bar, navigation buttons) was an ADVANCEMENT over the
> > Explorer-95 style, IMHO (Yes yes, I'm assuming that Microsoft was the
> > first to make file managers act like web browsers, but I could be wrong,
> > after all, have they ever inovated before?).
> >
> > Thanx,
> >     ES
> selct your start button (bottom left corner)
> goto -->System Tools --> Configuration Editor
> select apps--> Nautilus-->Preferences
> look for the key named "always_use_browser"
> select the box next to always_use_browser to enable it.
> read the message in the dialog box below after you enable it
> --
> james lawrence

Ahh, thanks.  I was wondering this too.  By the way, Eric, FC3 with
Gnome 2.8 defaults to the browser mode automatically.  It seems
perhaps other people liked the browser mode better as well.  Now why
this isn't configurable in the "Preferences" for Nautilus is beyond

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