USB microphone (headsets)

Mike Klinke lsomike at
Sun Dec 26 06:32:43 UTC 2004

On Saturday 25 December 2004 14:12, Globe Trotter wrote:
> I am looking to buy a new microphone headset. Does anyone have
> any recommendations, for use with FC3 (and hopefully beyond)?
> Reading on the web, it seems that USB microphones record "pure"
> sound. How have people's experiences been? Any recommendations
> for/against?

I've seen "pure digital input" or "pure digital signal" in reference 
to these devices but you have to remember that sound is an analog 
process so any system that samples and digitizes it will provide a 
"pure digital" output.  Kind of reminds me of the popular 70's 
marketing concept of "Real, authentic, Naugahyde"

Regards, Mike Klinke

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