system-config-network not working (FC3)

Jim Dishaw (dishawjp) no-reply-gw at
Tue Dec 28 20:30:35 UTC 2004

Just in case anyone has been following this thread, or in 
the event some other poor soul has a similar problem in the 
future, I did manage to resolve this issue.  

I found out that "locale" files (those in /usr/lib/locale) are a part of glibc-common.  Evidently there was some corruption of my glibc-common.Even though I had the proper 
version (glibc-common-2.3.4-2.fc3) installed, something 
must have been corrupt.

I did an: 

apt-get install --reinstall glibc-common

and now everything seems to work.

Thanks to all who provided me with support and suggestions
in getting this resolved.

Jim Dishaw 

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