FC 2test1 install

Jeff Vian jvian10 at charter.net
Sun Feb 22 13:53:37 UTC 2004

david walcroft wrote:

> I am trying to put FC2test1 on abox with FC1,there are two 8GB disks I 
> can use,FC1 is on a 120GB hd but during installation at disk druid it 
> complains of 'mount point name in use'.How do I seperate the two os's
> in the same box. Yes I know its a dumb ? but apart from removing FC1 
> and put FC2test1 in its place,but not /home,I'd like to dual boot.

new install, select the drives you want, and it rocks.
You can select the partition with /home on it as the new /home, and do 
not format that partition.
As long as you do it as a new install it should work.
You also want to be sure you manually partition it, not automatic.

The complaint about an already existing partition with the label is 
something that should be filed on the fedora test mailing list and also 
as a bug if it refuses to install for you.

With RH8 and RH9 I had a similar situation, and it simply had one drive 
with / and one with /1 as the labels, so it worked for me with no problem.

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