post installation problems

Brian Marsh b.marsh at
Sun Feb 22 15:56:33 UTC 2004

On Sun, 2004-02-22 at 14:40, Jeff Vian wrote:

> >  
> >
> The sequence of starting things is controlled by the listings in the 
> /etc/rcX.d directories. (X is your runlevel)
> If you look there you will likely find SXXpcmcia has a higher number 
> than SXXnetwork.
> If you change that by renameing the files so the pcmcia starts first it 
> will solve this problem.
> BTW, the XX in the names above indicates the sequence they start.  Lower 
> numbers start first.
> Delaying the start of the network will easily fix this for you.

Thanks for the help, and yep, that all makes sense, except that I have
directories rc0.d through to rc6.d and directories rc0.d, rc1.d and rc.6
contain KXXetc and not SXXetc. Erm, guess this is my lack of knowledge
of terminology, but what is my runlevel (and how do I determine it is
necassary) and therefore which directories should I delay the network
startup in? Or should I simply delay it in all?

Don't fancy 'breaking' anything at this stage of experience...

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