Will FC2 have MySQL 4?

Andy Green fedora at warmcat.com
Tue Feb 24 12:57:26 UTC 2004

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On Tuesday 24 February 2004 12:43, Richard Welty wrote:

> by using the GPL instead of the LGPL for libraries, you effectively
> drive the software with GPL'd libraries into a niche where some
> (many?) businesses will decline to use it. you may see this as good
> for open source, i see it as restrictive, lots of people will end up not
> using it.

This depends is MySQL is being used in a process or as a product.  If using 
MySQL means your company's product must be GPL'd, this require some thought 
and as you say may force people down another route.

However, if you are using MySQL to do your invoicing, or web ordering, or some 
other common process, GPL-ing that stuff may only have advantages for your 
company.  Other people can cooperate and make a better system than you could 
afford to make yourself, so everyone can benefit.  Since this is a 
'backoffice' process anyway, it wasn't like you're losing anything by it no 
longer being proprietary, quite the opposite.

There are already cool OSS web commerce stuff using MySQL like 
http://www.oscommerce.com/ for example, there are obvious advantages using 
that and offering patches for special features rather than starting over with 
a proprietary solution.

Still, its interesting how the GPL is being used by MySQL to effectively 
devalue the default offering.

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