FC2 ftp installation error msg "Unable to retrieve[path]/netstg2.img"

Jorge jorgeadrian at tutopia.com
Thu Jul 8 15:26:42 UTC 2004

Thanks for the ideas.
I don't know for sure, but I tried at least from 10 different download
servers, and from 3 different locations and it did not work.

I will regrettably be switching to suse, I heard they have no problems
installing via ftp or http given you have enough memory.

I regret to agree with so many other postings. I am deeply dissaponted how
things went since RHL became Fedora. This was the last for me!
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> Is the ftp or http server you are trying to download from running IIS 6?
> have tried dozens of times to get FC1 and/or FC2 to ftp or http install
> my IIS 6 server with zero luck.  I finally gave up, and setup Apache
> on a Windows 2003 box and the install works.  I think the problem is that
> IIS 6 now follows strict protocols about how it talks to clients.
> Jason
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> Subject: FC2 ftp installation error msg "Unable to retrieve
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> Hello,
> Another newbie question:
> I need to install FC2 via ftp or http but after several attempts I get
> the above message, and I notice the installation program adds a slash
> (/) before the end of the directory (for example
> ftp.unc.edu//pub/linux/fedora..../). I tried every obvious solution but
> no luck. I googled my problem and found several people with the same
> problem but no (good) solutions, or the web pages are in Polish or some
> other language I don't get.
> Could anyone please give me a hint?
> Thanks a lot.
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