any hints on status of FC3 t1?

Mark Weaver mdw1982 at
Tue Jul 13 19:47:36 UTC 2004

Yang Xiao wrote:

> On Tue, 13 Jul 2004 07:31:31 -0400 (EDT), Robert P. J. Day
> <rpjday at> wrote:
>>On Tue, 13 Jul 2004, Edward wrote:
>>>FC3 Already?
>>BTW, it's nowhere near FC3, it's just FC3 test 1.  check the schedule
>>at  the full release of
>>FC3 is slated for october.
> October? you mean by the time I'm done with all the upgrades I got do
> it over again?
> sigh.

Frankly I can't imagine how they could improve upon FC2. I've recently
installed it in place of my Mandrake 10.0 installation to take advantage
of the vid card support FC2 has for my ATI Radeon. For the life of me I
can't imagine what there would be to improve upon...


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