official way to recompile kernel

Florin Andrei florin at
Wed Jul 14 05:36:15 UTC 2004

What is the "official" way to rebuild the kernel RPM from the Fedora 2
kernel...src.rpm ?
I want to build kernel RPMs identical to the ones provided in the Fedora
2 updates, with just one kernel config option changed: I want to turn
CONFIG_PREEMPT on, and leave everything else untouched, and build an
i686 kernel RPM.
Everything must be as clean as possible and the result must be a binary
kernel package identical to the latest Fedora 2 kernel update, but with

Yes, i am aware that preempt can cause trouble in some cases with Fedora
2 kernels, i am willing to assume the risk, i need preempt for my
sound/music work (without preempt the sound apps stand a greater chance
to skip bits and pieces of the sound tracks).

So, i download the kernel...src.rpm, then rpm -ivh, then... ?

Florin Andrei

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