Running two copies of apache

Hannes Mayer h.mayer at
Sun Jul 25 13:33:22 UTC 2004

Colin Paul Adams wrote:
>>>>>>"Alexander" == Alexander Dalloz <alexander.dalloz at> writes:
>     Alexander> Am So, den 25.07.2004 schrieb Colin Paul Adams um
>     Alexander> 15:02:
>     Ted> 1) Why do you need 2 copies?  Virtual server is what you may
>     >>  I don't have enough domain names or IP addresses left.
>     Alexander> Can you explain that a bit? What should a second Apache
>     Alexander> instance solve what virtual hosts with one Apache would
>     Alexander> not make? You know Name-based Virtual Hosts?
> Hm. 
> Can I have two different virtual servers with the same server name,
> but different ports? I thought I couldn't do that.
> But I can certainly run two copies of apache on two different ports,
> with the same server name.

Just a thought...
What about subdomains ?


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