Default FC2 Swap Space

Matthew Miller mattdm at
Mon Nov 1 14:23:06 UTC 2004

On Sat, Oct 30, 2004 at 08:47:36AM -0700, Mike Witt wrote:
> Isn't that around 188 Meg of swap space? My system has 128 Meg of memory,
> and in the past I seem to remember allocation about four times as much
> swap space as I had physical memory, with better results.
> Am I nuts? Does swap space only need to be the size of physical memory?
> I don't really understand the issues here. Advice?

Well, one of the issues is: if you're using swap _at all_, your system is
going to be horribly slow. In my estimation, unbearable for interactive use
-- others may have more patience. Swap should be there for emergencies (and
perhaps so long-running processess that rarely get used get moved out of the
way -- but that's only going to be a few megabytes at most).

On a system with only 128MB of RAM, I'd try to run as lightweight an
environment as possible. Ditch GNOME and KDE, to start....

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