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YigalB byigal at
Tue Sep 21 10:37:08 UTC 2004

I am a newbie.. so I don't know "what I want to use" - I don't need any
kind of security at all. I just want to be able to logon to other
accounts... not only root.. 
When I installed the PC I don't recall any Q regarding the
authentication - and if there was - I probably said "don't care" - ad it
worked fine until I made the mistake and touched that tab (while trying
to solve other problem)

I even would love to know how to make the PC boot automatically into an
account I set (not root) without asking me for user name and password.. 


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>YigalB wrote:
>> I got it - but what fields should be checked ?
>Which authentication mechanisms do you want to use? These are the same
>questions asked during the installation.
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