problem with ctrl-alt-bkspace in FC2

Paul paul at
Sat Sep 25 10:45:12 UTC 2004


> > Now it seems clear that all this comes from switching from XFree86 to
> > xorg but it annoying especially in a lab of student users.
> > 
> > Does anyone know how to stop this behavior?
> Why not use the logout selection? I thought that the ctl-alt-backspace 
> was to kill X immediately and with no graceful shutdown of processes.

It depends on the circumstance. It could be that when everything has
gone haywire, it's the only way to bring sanity back

> Using ctl-alt-backspace is even more of a problem on newer versions of 
> gnome and xorg-x11. There are a lot of newer processes that will zombie. 
> The logout menu choice would probably be the best selection.

It can also make you need to do a full reset. Must remember to file
something into bugzilla on that score.


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