I want to clean my hard disk

Jose Luis Ricardo Chavez ricardo at irsamc.ups-tlse.fr
Sun Sep 26 17:41:41 UTC 2004

Hi Arnaldo,

what do you mean for "optimizing your hard disk"?
It it means optimizing the performance of the hard disk then you should 
the manpage for the hdparm command if you have an IDE disk. Look for the
options regarding UDMA and 32-bit transfers. However, chances
are that the highest performance configuration is already set by 
default. In the
case of SCSI and SATA disks tweak the parameters associated with the
corresponding BIOS interfaces.
The percentage of filesystem fragmentation on Linux is normally less than 5%
depending on filesystem type and file size, in general you don't have to 
the hard disk from time to time as it is recommended on other operating 
like Windows.
Concerning the cleaning, the user is responsible for the manipulation of 
his own
information/garbage, the system only uses the 'tmp' directories to store 
information that is safe to delete at boot time. Take a look at the /tmp 
and /var/tmp
directories. If you want to recover more space try deleting some 
packages using the system-config-packages utility. For example, the user 
decide whether to keep all the pdf readers like xpdf, kpdf, gpdf, 
acroread, etc. or just
use one. In this sense Linux is not an optimized distribution since 
several versions of
the same utility can be installed on the system, it is a matter of 
Also look at you own scratch directories. Some applications like mozilla 
use cache
directories to store temporary information that can be deleted at any time.

Hope it helps, regards.

 - Jose Luis

Arnaldo Bento wrote:

> Hello
> I want to clean and optimize my hard disk that has FC2.
> Which the suitable program?
> Thanks
> Arnaldo Bento
> Massamá

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