Choosing an approach to Fedora upgrades.

Peter McDermott peter at
Mon Sep 27 19:45:24 UTC 2004

Hey guys,

I've been reading the thread and thinking about how to partition my hard 
drive. Could you tell me if this is feasible (or if it even makes any 

80 gig hd
    - hd0      ntfs        30 gig      - winxp (I know but I'm a newbie 
with linux)
    - hd1      ext3       10 gig      - /home (to be shared between 
installed linux distros)
    - hd2      ext3       20 gig      - / , fedora core 2
    - hd3      ext3       20 gig      - / . fedora core 3 test 2

I don't know about the size distrabution... should /home get 30 gig and 
hd2/3 get 10 gig each?


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