More and more yum dependency problems

Paul Howarth paul at
Tue Aug 2 10:19:11 UTC 2005

Harald Grossauer wrote:
>>This isn't working because it needs to update both i386 and x86_64
>>versions of mozilla at the same time. Did you bugzilla the fact that
>>there is no mozilla.i386 update in the x86_64 updates-released repo?
>>To work around this you'll need to do:
>># yum remove mozilla.i386
>># yum update mozilla
>>Then, if you do actually want the i386 mozilla package (for 32 bit
>>plugins etc.):
>># yum install mozilla-nspr.i386 mozilla-nss.i386
> After removing the mozilla.i386 package a plain "yum update" updated the
> complete system. I did not reinstall mozilla.i386 since I do not see why
> I should neet it. Maybe some program will complain about that but I can
> reinstall it later. "yum install libtool" also succeeded.

Since nobody else appears to bugzilla-ed this, I did so myself:


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