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Rick Stevens rstevens at vitalstream.com
Tue Aug 9 21:19:14 UTC 2005

Phil Schaffner wrote:
> On Tue, 2005-08-09 at 13:21 -0700, w bugar wrote:
>>Sorry for a simple question, but can someone tell me
>>the commands and options (mkisofs, cdrecord I presume)
>>to throw a directory(s) to a DVD? I know someone will
>>say to use man but my machine just gives me a prompt
>>during the Checking Filesystem phase of booting and
>>man doesn't work.
> Ouch!

You need to see which filesystem is whining.  Then you probably need to
fsck that filesystem.  This can take two forms:

	fsck -y /dev/hdax

(replace "x" with the partition of the offending filesystem) or

	fsck -y /fsname

(replace "/fsname" with the label of the filesystem).

The odds are that it's pooping out on /usr or /var (/usr/share/man is
where the man pages live), so "fsck -y /usr" should recover /usr
(if you used filesystem labels).  If you didn't use labels, check the
/etc/fstab file to see the device names of the partitions and use the
first form I mentioned above.  Be warned that you _may_ lose or truncate
some files during the fsck process (especially ones that were being
written to when the crash occurred).

>>I can still access /home so I'd like
>>to try to save it before trying a reload of FC4.
>>(cdrecord --scanbus returns 1,0,0)
> Since you have e-mail access, hopefully you can also browse the web.
> Can find man pages on-line.  You probably want growisofs for DVD, so try
> a google on "man growisofs" (mkisofs|cdrecord|...)
> One result from above:
> http://linuxcommand.org/man_pages/growisofs1.html
> Here's a bit from the growisofs man page that may be helpful.
>        Actual  device names vary from one operating system to another. We use
>        /dev/dvd as a collective name or as symbolic link to the actual device
>        if  you  wish.  Under  Linux it will most likely be an ide-scsi device
>        such as "/dev/scd0." Under NetBSD/OpenBSD it has  to  be  a  character
>        SCSI  CD-ROM device such as "/dev/rcd0c." Under Solaris it also has to
>        be a character SCSI/ATAPI CD-ROM device, e.g.  "/dev/rdsk/c0t1d0s2" or
>        "/vol/dev/aliases/cdrom0." And likewise in HP-UX and IRIX...
>        To master and burn an ISO9660 volume with Joliet and Rock-Ridge exten-
>        sions on a DVD:
>             growisofs -Z /dev/dvd -R -J /some/files
>        To append more data to same DVD:
>             growisofs -M /dev/dvd -R -J /more/files
>        Make sure to use the same options for both inital burning and  follow-
>        ing sessions.
> Good luck,
> Phil

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