zoe: itunes m4a and other problems

Felipe Alfaro Solana felipe_alfaro at linuxmail.org
Thu Feb 3 20:57:55 UTC 2005

On 3 Feb 2005, at 10:38, zoe at purdue.edu wrote:

> Hey,
> thanks to all who gave advice on earlier questions;
> I was able to mount my hfs plus drive, after discovering that 
> filesystem tag
> is "hfsplus" and not "hfs+ or "hpfs" (I have no idea what hpfs is, but 
> it was
> mentioned in the man page for mount, while hfsplus wasn't.)  I was 
> able to back
> it up with my new DVD burner with little problem, reformat and 
> re-install.
> Thanks :)

HPFS is an old filesystem used by OS/2: High Performance File System.

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