Fedora Core 3 Installation

Greg Swallow gswallow at cfl.rr.com
Sun Feb 6 05:40:38 UTC 2005

Ok, twin 2xP2 at 300MHz 256mb RAM, 16mb Video, 3 nic (2 bonded between 
servers), SB16Pro, 3.2gb, 1.0gb, and 40gb HDD, FDD, 48x CDROM.

ISO files downloaded and burned on Power Mac G5 at normal and 4x speeds.

Proposed Linux box boots and get through initial collection of data 
(country et al), but then comes back asking for Core CD. Am thinking I 
may need to burn the ISO images from something other than the PowerMac?

Any suggestions?

GregS <><
gswallow at cfl.rr.com

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