samba for newbies

Duncan Lithgow duncan at
Fri Feb 11 15:58:37 UTC 2005

Hi all,

I've just got a message form a charity I know asking me if I could setup a 
file/prinetr server for them. I haven't asked yet but I assume they're all on 

So, samba on a straight forward linux is what I guess I should do, but I'm new 
to it all. I've never played with samba ...

My question is should I agree to set this up? I can simulate the whole thing 
from my two computers here at home ... but

a.) will I be able to adjust to and understand the concepts?
b.) do people fell like helping me through this the fast way? Usually I'd 
spend ages reading - but I can't really ask them to wait a few weeks...
c.) would I be doing them a favour saying no and putting them onto someone 
else who understands it better, but may charge for setting it up?

if you say yes to a & b then please help me find a 'quick guide to samba' all 
i found on google was a bit too sparce or too deep.

thanks, Duncan
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