TurboTax - Linux?

Randy Kelsoe randykel at swbell.net
Sun Feb 13 16:40:02 UTC 2005

Chris Jones wrote:

> Not that it may matter to most people on this list, but Intuit UK 
> appear to have some financial problems - they have dumped Quicken for 
> Winbloze, as well as TaxCalc with immediate effect, despite the fact 
> that they only bought TaxCalc from the Consumers Association last 
> summer. That only leaves Micro$haft's Money as a reasonable personal 
> finance package within the UK. Looks like GnuCash have an opportunity 
> to help OpenSource community to take on the UK personal finance 
> market, if only the product would connect to the London Stock Exchange 
> prices, I would willingly dump M$ completely.

This is off topic from the original posting, but you might want to check 
out Moneydance, which is java based and runs under linux:


I have not tried to track stocks with it, but it does mention:

    "Moneydance can bring your investments into focus with support for 
tracking stocks, bonds, CDs, mutual funds, and more."

I also don't know if it will interface with the London Stock Exchange or 

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