Linux sucks? <depending on what you are trying to do!>

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Wed Feb 16 00:30:25 UTC 2005

Comments below. 

On Tue, 2005-02-15 at 19:22 -0500, bizzorg wrote:
> My favorite Operating system vendor is the one sending me commission
> or royalty checks, since I'm not receiving money from any vendor, I
> DON'T have a favorite. 
> I have FC3 installed on my 2nd hard drive.  There are a a few issues I
> have with FC3 that I don't have with Win/XP.  
> 1.) My Sound Blaster 7.1 is not supported in FC3. 

I dunno anything about this.  I suspect that it can be supported with a
bit of work. 

> 2.) FC3 tolerates my Nvidia Geforce video card.  I have not found
> drivers yet.

Visit  They have drivers there.  They are not trivial to
install and every time you change kernels you must re install them.

> 3.) I'm running up2date but it's doing NOTHING!  I place my pointer on
> the progress window and all I get is the hourglass.

If you just installed, I suspect your system is trying to sort out the
dependencies with installing about 500 upgrades.  I'd leave it run
overnight and see what happens.  You do have a broadband connection,
right ? 

> 4.) One of my favorite games, Age of Empires is a Windows based game.
> I supposed if I take the time to learn Wine I can play it on FC3.


> I do like the fact that Spyware or viruses do not infect my system
> with Linux activated.

There is a ton of stuff to like about Linux.  Give it time.  

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