Backups on DVD

Kumara kumara.jayaweera at
Wed Feb 16 16:02:09 UTC 2005

Back up means life, I don't know if DVD media is good for back up. this is
my own opinion, sometimes a small crease stops reading the media totally.

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> Hi list,
> I'm looking for a solution to backup data on a server on a monthly
> basis. The amount of data to be backed up is about 20 GB. I do not have
> any tape drives but have a DVD drive. I'd like to store the backups on a
> few DVDs.
> I use tar to get the complete backup done. How can i split the file in
> 4,7 GB. individual files and record them on DVDs?
> Is there a better way to manage backups? I'm sure there is, but don't
> know :( and i haven't found any backup tool in FC3...
> I'd appreciate your help,
> Alf
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