FC3 on a Compaq notebook: X trouble

Kumara kumara.jayaweera at damad.com
Wed Feb 16 21:58:16 UTC 2005

Do you have an analog (VGA) port or TV out there?


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Subject: FC3 on a Compaq notebook: X trouble

> Hello,
> I've had RH9 on my Presario 700US for about a year, and decided to
> change over to FC3 today.  The install went fine except that in graphics
> mode, the display is unusable.
> I re-started, this time for a text-based install, and the only unusual
> event was the announcement at one point that my monitor wasn't
> recognized.  Anaconda did identify my video card (S3), but not the
> monitor....
> Upon 1st reboot, at the point you receive the welcome screen followed by
> the license agreement, etc., the display was obviously screwed up.  It
> was aligned to the upper left corner, and below and to the right of the
> screen was a ghost image repeating the display with frequent flashing.
> I'm guessing there's a memory alignment problem.  This laptop takes 16
> MB off the top (I think) of main memory to use for video.
> I've got it up at runlevel 4 now and am experimenting with xconfig,
> however no success so far.  When I issue xorg -config <file>, the screen
> just goes dark.  how do I kill the trial w/o rebooting?  (I'd expect it
> to ask "OK?" and start a timer when running a trial xorg.conf, but that
> doesn't seem to be what it's doing.)
> thx
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