FC3/FC2 and kernel 2.4

awb at linhalivre.net awb at linhalivre.net
Wed Jan 5 13:10:43 UTC 2005


I've been working on building a custom distribution which will be based on
Fedora. Basically what I've been doing is to select only the packages of my
interest and also recompile the kernels provided in the Fedora installation to
add real-time support from RTAI (www.rtai.org).

I still didn't choose a version of Fedora Core, but I would really like to use
the latest stable one because I'm really concerned about the ease of use of the
distribuition. The problem is that the latest versions of Fedora (FC2 and FC3)
come with 2.6 kernels, and these are not suitable for my real-time application
(I still rely on kernel 2.4).

I would like to know if it is possible to downgrade the kernel version of
FC2 or FC3, which other packages should also be downgraded (such as
modutils, I guess) and if there are any problems on doing such a thing. I know
it's almost always possible to do some kind of "hack" to get things working
fine, but as I said, I'm building a custom distribution which is supposed to
install cleanly and have everything working fine after the first boot.

Adriano Winter Bess
awb -at- linhalivre.net

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