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Kevin Fries kevin at hcico.com
Fri Jan 7 01:41:14 UTC 2005

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bengt.lindholm at salnet.fi wrote:

|I am trying to get my FC3-box to print jobs sent from a RH9-box.
|FC3 printer configuration: Queue name office, queue type
locally-connected lp0, driver raw; Sharing properties LPD protocol
enabled, queue is allowed to all hosts.
|RH9 printer configuration done by editing printcap.local:
|:rm=\  (and yes, the IP is OK)
|There are the necessary lines in /etc/printerfilter.conf: Printer
office, Charset IBM437, Model oliprinter, Staircase y. There have been
no alterations with this sending RH9-box.
|Everything worked fine as long as the receiving FC3 box was still a
RH9-box, but after installing FC3 (from cratch, firewall on and
SELinux active) printing stopped. RH9 and FC3 pings each other, the
boxes are in the same lan and network segment. What to do??

Wow!  Doing things the hard way are we?

I run a FC2 printer server for Fedora Core 2/3 and Winblows 2000/xp
clients.  Much more complex than your setup, and I would never try
this without CUPS.  Set up CUPS on the Fedora box (its an rpm), set up
CUPS on the RH box (again an rpm).  Now, configure the Fedora box for
the printer (see www.linuxprinting.org if you need help).  The default
behavior is to share the printer.  The RH box should see the printer

If you want to print from Windows boxes, set up SAMBA on the Fedora
box.  Then, configure Windows printer shares, and use the CUPS printer
as the back end source.  You can go into allot more automation with
dealing with Windows printer drivers.  Linux needs no such BS.
Everything in Linux goes out postscript.


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