burning problem

Cyber Source peter at cybersource.us
Sun Jan 9 21:53:30 UTC 2005

one other thing, if on the SCSI drive and i run k3b from command line, i 
can see an error message saying "/dev/CyberGroup01 permission denied" 
(our LVM group name), again this ONLY happens if on a SCSI drive. Could 
it be the /dev/mapper is being confused by the SCSI drive and then the 
permissions to burn as a user?

Cyber Source wrote:

> yes, please give it a try. I can burn as root but not a regular user. 
> I was reading that chmod u+s does not work any longer on 
> /usr/bin/cdrecord or /usr/bin/cdrdao but if I boot the same box on an 
> ide drive, I can burn fine as a user. The software is EXACTLY the 
> same, both FC3 with stock kernels, they are both dumps so I know the 
> software is exactly the same. Both are also on LVM but I only have 
> permission troubles when on the SCSI hard drive.
> Michael A. Peters wrote:
>> On 01/09/2005 12:11:28 PM, Cyber Source wrote:
>>> Anyone have a problem with the stock kernel for FC3 and burning? 
>>> This  problem seems to be ONLY with systems that have SCSI hard 
>>> drives (not  the burner).
>> I have a SCSI hard drive and an IDE burner, burning is fine for me.
>> Stock kernel. SCSI hard drive is on an Adaptec 2940U
>> 01:0a.0 SCSI storage controller: Adaptec AHA-2940U/UW/D / AIC-7881U
>> I haven't burned while booted from that drive, does that seem to  
>> matter?
>> I'm willing to try if you think it does (it does have a FC3 / on it)

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