Install FC3 with 2.6.10

Jim Cornette fc-cornette at
Wed Jan 12 01:42:01 UTC 2005

Ryan D'Baisse wrote:
> Okay, today is a great day!  I have finally been able to move from the
> 2.6.5 version of my kernel, that I have had on FC2 forever, to 2.6.10.
>  The 2.6.9 version gave me problems with ACPI so I could not move
> forward... not on FC2 and definitely not with FC3.  Which brings me to
> my question...
> FC3 ships with kernel 2.6.9, which I cannot run with.  If I install
> FC3 I will have to disable ACPI just to boot.  Since I am running FC2
> with 2.6.10, I am assuming that I can run FC3 with 2.6.10 and
> everything will work fine.  My question is in two parts...
> 1. Is it possible to download an ISO of FC3 with 2.6.10 so I may do an
> install from CD?
> 2. Since I assume the answer to #1 is a big fat "no," is it possible
> to download the 2.6.10 updates for FC3 now, while I am still on FC2,
> and apply them without any connectivity to the outside world, once I
> have FC3 on the box?
> This is critical as Linuxant's Driverloader -- my saving grace for my
> PCMCIA NIC -- won't load with the 2.6.9 kernel in FC3 because of ACPI
> issues.  So, I would essentially need to get FC3 with 2.6.10 before I
> have any networking.
> Thanx,
> Ryan

Just what I think might work.

If you are going to do an upgrade, you could change the repos to reflect 
fc3 repositories. Then you could install the kernel (and deps needed) 
with yum, apt or up2date beforehand. Then you could use the fc3 discs to 
complete the upgrade.

If you are going to start a clean install, I'd at least download the 
2.6.10 kernel for FC3 and attempt to install it on your existing FC2 
installation and download any additional dep rpms. You could then burn 
them to CD or store them on a hard disk or other device that won't be 
overwritten during the installation.

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