FC3 - i'm disapointed

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On Fri, 2005-01-14 at 11:14 -0500, Kiryl Hakhovich wrote:
> m g wrote:
> >>Unfortunately, that stability is gone.
> >>    
> >>
> >
> >If you want RHEL or Debian Stable, you know where to find them.
> >  
> >
> Guys,
> you got to be kidding me.
> i thought i have made it clear - FC1 and FC2 was a lot more stable and

> what we call Linux systems that prove that they work better.
> As of now FC3 -  seems to me the worst out of 3 releases. ok!?
And why is that?
I consider myself a power user, and have been using linux for over 10

FC3 is by far the best distro I have tried (I have stayed with the RH
line mostly).  I have it running 24 hours a day, never have to reboot
(except to activate the kernel updates), and have never had a single
crash or instability.

Yes, when I add new hardware (Like scanner, etc) I have to
locate/install drivers, and configure things, but as yet I have not
tried a device that I cannot get to work.

> Example NetworkManager - WTF!? when it's running FC3 hardly get's IP 
> address. after you stop it - it's all cool. This kind of little things

> are all over the place.
IIRC NetworkManager is a 3rd party package.  You certainly cannot blame
Fedora for problems with other packages.

> Now the test phase has been finished for FC3 - and i don't even think
> posting anything to bugzilla.
> (if i would be a beta user then it's a different story)
If you refuse to post a problem to bugzilla then you hardly qualify to
complain about something that either is not a problem for others or that
has been handled in other ways than complaining on this list.

If it isn't reported it isn't a bug.
If it isn't reported, how can you expect anyone to know what the problem
you see is, or take action to fix it?

> I hope this makes it clear my point and where i'm going with it.
> Thanks.
> PS. again - it was clean install, updates constantly installed, and 
> kernel updates are not as upgrades but only as addition to the system,

> so i can roll over to the old kernel.
> Common guys, do not try to make end-user out of me :-) be serious

Good points here... One additional one.. 

If you refuse to post to buzilla, your missing the whole point of
open-source. The community base participates in the release cycle to
make the product better. With the 1000's of hours that went into this
release, 5 minutes of your time to make a small contribution isn't much
to ask. 

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