Trouble booting fresh Core 3 install

David Curry dsccable at
Wed Jan 19 16:50:01 UTC 2005

David Nelson wrote:

>Unfortunately, adding these commands below did not help.  I still see a waterfall of multi-colored pixels.
>I'm at a total loss on this.  Redhat 8.0 installed just fine with the current hardware configuration.
>Any other ideas?  I really want to stay with Linux.
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>To: David Nelson
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>On Tuesday 18 Jan 2005 14:55, you wrote:
>>Thanks for replying Tony.  The waterfall happens directly and almost
>>immediately after the GRUB boot command.  Within a minute or two, it
>>freezes to a static multi-colored screen of gibberish.
>>I have seen reference to 'quiet' and rhgb' but where would those go/where
>>would I remove them?  They are not on the command line args in GRUB as
>>viewed by typing 'e'.
>Sounds like there's some incompatibility between the hardware and FC.
>Try adding one or more of the following to your command line when you boot 
>from grub (by pressing 'e'):
>If neither of those work, try booting into single mode 'single'
>and seeing if you can get into the machine.
>Any successes/failures, come back to me with reports :p
Some possible approaches:

Boot to init level 3 instead of 5 and use command line tools to double 
check the monitor and graphics display settings adopted by Anaconda.
If that and other possible solutions suggested by others do not work, 
try installing FC-2 first and then upgrading to FC-3.

(Repeated efforts here to install FC-3 from scratch failed.  The 
installation attempts would proceed to slightly further points on each 
install effort and then simply stop.   [Three attempts were enough 
already!]  Then, I backed up to FC-2 which installed without any 
problems. After FC-2 installed, I was able to upgrade that FC-2 install 
to FC-3 using the FC-3 installation isos.

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