Fedora core 3 / XP dual boot

Irving, Dave Dave.Irving at logicacmg.com
Sun Mar 13 14:28:39 UTC 2005

> I have an HP pavilion and successfully shrunk the partition with
Mandrake 9. 
> I defragged the XP system, then used diskdrake (their partition
manager program to
> shrink the partition size. It worked pretty good and XP remained
intact for me.
> Their program is pretty easy to use.
> After resizing the hda1 partition, I switched to the FC installation
disks and let 
> the installer do the rest. I split the size between XP as in the linux
fdisk output
> below.
> I haven't had much luck using qtparted on two different computers. I
wanted to shrink
> my hardly used XP installation even more. I got a similar error as you
described above.

> Just another alternative.

After hunting for a bit, I found in the ntfsresize docs that the error I
got was due to fs errors. I went back in to XP and scheduled a chkdsk on
restart - which fixed a couple of errors. After that, qtparted ran fine
for me.

> One note about HP laptops:
> I need to pass acpi=on to my laptop to get my system to boot properly.

> This opption might help you with the problem booting the rescue CD. 
> I include this option in all my grub.conf entries. 
> Sometimes FC turns off acpi and the computer refuses to boot.

Thanks - I'll give that a whirl. Is that something I can set up at
install time or just pass it on the boot line at start up?

> There is an option in HP BIOS that refers to USB legacy. 
> You might need to disable this option to prevent hanging systems when
you do get FC
> running on your computer.

Thanks - I'll try and switch that off :o)

> Jim


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