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Tue, 2005-05-24 at 15:10 -0600, Saurabh Barve wrote:

 >> Hi,
 >> I did not want to put an "URGENT" label in the subject but this is 
 >> urgent!
 >> I had one IDE port on my mobo get fried due to a power surge. I am now
 >> using a PCI-IDE card to hook up my two hard drives. The machine had FC2
 >> running on it -  2.6.10-1.771_FC2smp kernel.

> You used an ~$40 ide controller card instead of spending ~$100 for a new
> mobo?  And you knew that at least the ide controller on the mobo is
> fried?
> That seems a bit like trying to scrape the burn off the outside of the
> toast and serving it anyway.

 >> The problem I'm having is that the machine will not boot properly. 
 >> grub loads, everything else is skipped, and I get a prompt that says
 >> "(none) login: ". When I try to login at this prompt, I'm not asked for
 >> my password, and the login prompt appears again.
 >> After a while, I noticed this error:
 >> ---
 >> /bin/login: error while loading shared libraries: cannot
 >> open object file: input/output error
 >> INIT: Id "1" respawning too fast: disable for 5 minutes
 >> ---
 >> I tried to 'upgrade' my installation using the FC2 CD to see if that
 >> fixes the problem, but when the installer searches for the FC2
 >> installations, it gets killed with the error: "swap not initialized".
 >> I then booted the FC2 CD in linux rescue mode. I can see that
 >> /lib/ is pointing to /lib/ But /lib/
 >> is not being read, in the sense that I can list it with the ls command,
 >> but when I try to do `ls -l` on it, I get an 'input/output error'. I
 >> tried this to forcibly create a link:
 >> `ln -s /lib/ /lib/'
 >> but I get an error : cannot create link: read only filesystem
 >> I even tried to `rm -rf /lib/' and the command returned
 >> without any errors. But I still cannot `ln -s' in the /lib directory.

> The controller fried.  Maybe the disk is corrupted.

Ummm. I had the controller as a spare at hand. Replacing the mobo would 
have taken time. I needed to get the machine up quickly. :/

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