Instability Issue in Fedora Core 5

Dan grinnz at
Tue Apr 11 22:23:45 UTC 2006

Gerry Tool wrote:
> Edward Dekkers wrote:
>> Sam Chen wrote:
>>> It was more stable in fc4. The system is Asus P4R800-V Deluxe
>>> Motherboard with P4 3.00GHz CPU hyperthreading. 1GB ram. I noticed that
>>> in fc4 the hyperthreading made it unstable, so I disabled the
>>> hyperthreading function; however, it does not help in fc5. It keeps
>>> crashing. I can count 20 times a day. Before the new patch
>>> 2.6.16-1_2080smp, it was fine, but after the patch, it is totally
>>> different. the kernel now even with 2054smp is unstable. I am still
>>> wondering if wine or httpd cause the problem. Now it is like every
>>> 30-45 minutes, I have to do a hard reset.
>> Hard reset necessary is more likely a hardware fault than a software 
>> one.
>> You're welcome to keep diagnosing the software, but if I were you I'd 
>> look at hardware as well.
>> It's my job diagnosing system faults (nearly 10 years now, where has 
>> the time gone?) and hard locks are 90% of the time due to flaky 
>> hardware.
> I have two essentially identical FC5 partitions on my machine.  If I 
> use the one that was an upgrade from FC4, it freezes 2 or 3 times a 
> day. The one that was a fresh install of FC5 has so far not frozen at 
> all. They are both up to date and have essentially the same packages 
> installed. So, I conclude that it isn't ALWAYS hardware.
> Gerry
Perhaps a bugzilla should be filed on this, then; a package or set of 
packages isn't being upgraded cleanly?

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