Trying to make a bootable DVD disk from a Fedora Core 6 iso image

Carroll Grigsby cgrigs at
Fri Dec 1 05:16:19 UTC 2006

On Thursday 30 November 2006 23:27, Jeffrey D. Yuille wrote:
> Hello,
>   Okay, okay, now I am able to burn a Fedora Core 6 DVD iso image to
> disk.  The only problem now is that it only seems to make a copy of
> the DVD iso image onto the disk instead of making a bootable disk and
> creating files that I can actually see when the disk is finished
> being burned.  I am using k3b as my burning software.  Again, what
> gives? After googling and seeing that my original problem was a disk
> limitation size of 2 GB, I bought a dual layer disk to burn the image
> onto it. I never had this problem when trying to burn regular CD's to
> put Fedora on it.  Please help.

You must have misunderstood the thread that you initiated earlier this 
week. When you burn the .iso file to DVD, k3b will convert it into a 
series of directories and files (mostly .rpms, but lots of other 
goodies, too) during the burning process. And you don't need a dual 
layer disk, either.

Here's how I do it:
1. Place a blank DVD in your drive. (I use generic DVD-R disks because 
that's what I have.)
2. Start k3b.
3. Point it at the .iso file. k3b will automagically understand what it 
is supposed to do.
4. I always change the default settings to let k3b select the burn 
speed, and I also tell k3b to verify the written disk.
5. The burning process took a little over five minutes.
6. At the conclusion of the burning process, the disk is ejected and 
reinserted, and the verification process begins. FWIW, that took 
another 6+ minutes.
7. If all has gone well, the DVD is ejected and triumphal music is 
8. Close k3b, and you're done.

-- cmg

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