Window positioning?

William Case billlinux at
Fri Dec 22 21:02:22 UTC 2006


Another possible bug, in the continuing series.

Who or what is responsible for positioning newly opened windows in
Fedora 6 and Gnome 2.16?  Is it Fedora, Xorg, Gnome, MetaCity, or the

It is very annoying after a while to have to move almost every new
window from the top left corner to the centre of my screen.  Is there
any way to set up my system so that every window opens centred?  It
should be an option.  Some may dislike the fact that the top window
covers up other smaller windows.  I am not one of those.  I would like
everything to start centred.

When applications expand from an iconfication on the panel they can
retain their positioning.  Why can't they when they are newly opened?

There used to be a geometry option for applications, but it hardly
exists anymore.  (Never really worked anyways).  To me there should be
an hierarchy of options. First a global positioning option, that can be
overridden by an application option that can be overridden by a last
used option.

I forget in which Fedora core this changed, but removing options for the
user and allowing only one way, the developers way, has an M$ feel to

It strikes me that Gconfig-editors is the proper place to provide these
Regards Bill

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