Enable printer wierdness ??

William Case billlinux at rogers.com
Sun Dec 31 18:37:15 UTC 2006


This is a little complex to follow.  It's taken me two weeks to define
the problem without finding a solution.  Basically, my HP
psc_1310_series printer keeps becoming un-enabled and removed as
default.  Here is what happens:

I login, check my printer_config settings and my HP psc_1310_series
printer is check marked as enabled.  Open a word processing or text
editing program such as Open Office Writer, AbiWord, emacs or gedit and
try and print a test page.  The test page is put in the queue but no
printing.  I again check my printer_config; my HP psc_1310_series
printer is no longer enabled.  If I re-checkmark the enabled box and
'Apply', the printer immediately prints everything in the queue even if
I have cancelled all the outstanding jobs.

Everything continues to print fine in every program until I log out and
in again.  The cycle continues with the printer_config being marked as
enabled until I call a new test print job.

I am baffled.

Regards Bill

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