Leveraging Security-Enhanced Linux in Your Data Center

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Ziff Davis Media eSeminars: The Online Seminar Standard 

Leveraging Security-Enhanced Linux in Your Data Center
February 23, 2005 @ 2:00 p.m. Eastern/11:00 a.m. Pacific
Duration: 60 minutes

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Event Overview:
Security-Enhanced Linux is generating industry buzz, but what can it do
for you and your data center? The threats to your systems range from
well-meaning, innocent employee blunders to deliberate, well-organized
attacks by foreign governments. You can reasonably and effectively
leverage the latest available operating system technology to protect
your data and systems. And, because it is Linux, you'll be using a
well-supported, yet economical OS to mount your defenses.

Join this live, interactive eSeminar and hear speakers from Red Hat and
Intel discuss best practices, standards, options and platforms that
create a secure network system. You'll understand the development and
benefits of Security-Enhanced Linux and come away with solid and
practical information you can immediately put to use. You'll have access
to downloadable white papers and other information you can use.

Join us for this event and you'll learn:

   * How tools like Position Independent Executables protect your
   * How to protect against exploitable application security weaknesses
   * How Execute Disable protects against buffer overflow attacks
   * What application families and hardware suites can take advantage
     of Security-Enhanced Linux
   * Why Security-Enhanced Linux is safe, practical and necessary
   * Which capabilities in the new emerging Intel platforms will help
     with deploying security in the enterprise environment

Featured Speakers:
Reinier Tuinzing, World Wide Government Market Segment Marketing
Manager, Customer Solutions Group - Intel Corporation
Chris Runge, Technical Director, Red Hat Government - Red Hat, Inc.
Frank Derfler, VP, Market Experts Group - Ziff Davis Media

Sponsored by Red Hat, Inc. & Intel Corporation

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