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Timothy Brooks cera_linux at
Mon Feb 27 23:46:26 UTC 2006


I am about as new as they come.  I have downloaded Fedora and am about to
install.  I have a Windows 98 machine and am not sure if I want to set up a
dual boot or just put Fedora on this computer.  It is an older machine
(500MHz, 128 RAM) but I would like to see what Linux/Fedora is like.  What
would you recommend?

I need some instructions on installation of Fedora from a hard drive.  The
instruction with Fedora are too limited for me.  Can someone please direct
me to a more detailed source.

Do I need to burn the .iso files to CDs?  I understand you cannot just copy
these files, that they need to be copied as .iso images, correct?  What does
what I just said mean?  Copy as an "image".  Is there a setting in my CD
burning program that I need to use?

I think these questions help the group understand my level, which is very

Does Fedora have programs with it?  Does it include a browser or program to
check email?  Word processing?  Or will I need to find Linux software for
this computer?

Sorry for the simplicity of my questions but as they say, you need to start

Thank you for any direction.

Tim Brooks

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