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Tue Jan 3 21:54:29 UTC 2006

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Robin Laing wrote:
| Michael A. Peters wrote:
|> On Thu, 2005-12-29 at 19:39 +0000, David Fletcher wrote:
|>> I tried doing the same on his computer which is running FC4(replacing
|>> [freshrpms-fc-3] with [freshrpms-fc-4]). Everything seems to install
|>> OK but there is no mp3 option to select in the version 2.10.1 sound
|>> juicer on FC4.
|> Hmm... - I don't have an mp3 rip option in FC4 sound juicer either
|> (using the mp3 plugins) - sounds like a bug in
|> sound-juicer.
|> My honest suggestion though is to rip to flac and then transcode to mp3.
|> That's what I do, though I do it all cli.
|> Ripping to flac means you never have to re-rip again if you want a
|> different bitrate (or a different encoding). Uses a lot of disk space
|> though.
|> I don't know if a gui front end exists for transcoding (that preserves
|> tags).
|> Another suggestion is a KDE app - amarok
|> I prefer gnome myself, and I like to keep my gui consistent, but there
|> is just nothing that even comes close to amarok that is gnome/gtk2+
|> amarok is in Extras.
|> I believe it not only will rip to mp3 just fine (provided the gstreamer
|> mp3 plugins are installed) but will also sync with the iPod as well.
| I use "grip"(extras) to rip CD's to flac format.  This is easy and I did
| about 50 over the weekend.  I use flac as it is lossless and provides a
| method to recreate any CD that the kids may want for their players.
| Then when there is a song that I want to put on my portable player
| (supports mp3/wma/ogg) I use "sound converter"(extras?) to convert the
| files that I want converted into a mirror of my player.  I then use
| "Unison"(dries) to update the player, which mounts as a usb device to my
| preferred list.
| All of this is done in gnome.  I needed something easy for my wife to use.
| With the correct plugins, grip can rip to mp3 from a drop-down menu.
Hi there,
I use Sound Juices.  After having done the modifications described in
the help docs and added the extra required software it works nicely.

Fortunately, as I am unable to get Amarok to recognize my cd/dvd player.

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