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Sun Jan 22 18:51:55 UTC 2006

Les Mikesell wrote:

>On Sun, 2006-01-22 at 05:58, Rahul Sundaram wrote:
>>>Very good example.  What kind of community is it that can't
>>>be bothered to respin the official isos once in a while so the
>>>known-broken install on certain hardware gets fixed and the user
>>>that manages to install isn't immediately faced with a gig of
>>>update downloads just to get started?
>>Nobody stopped anyone from doing the work involved. In fact it was 
>>already done before.
>I don't see how you reconcile 'not stopping someone else' with
>being a community effort.  How does this help a new user
>coming to the fedora web site downloading their first copy
>long after the fix has been done?  At best it only helps
>people who read the mail list before their first download
>(probably none...).
They could a announcement to fedora announce list. I have send a few 
mails to this team involved in the respin effort and got no responses 
really. Before endorsing such efforts we need to do some ground work to 
prevent liability issues for them or the project and introduce some 
changes in the project guidelines too.  Even otherwise I might be able 
to get others to provide mirrors and some backing if I get some responses.

We are working on improving the QA process steadily to make the GA 
releases better. Hiring release managers. QA people etc who work 
exclusively on Fedora etc. I would like to hear more ideas on room for 
improvement. You might want to try out the FC5test2 release or the test3 
one released shortly and provide some feedback to the fedora-test list 
too so we do a better GA release of FC5.

>Whenever the issue has come up, I've always tried to point
>out the k12ltsp versions that not only included updates
>in the respins but add a lot of value with extra programs
>and one-click links to install some that can't be included.
>Have you been in touch with Eric Harrison who builds this
>version?  He seems to have a very different opinion about
>the difficulty vs. value of building respins whenever someone
>reports a problem.  
No I havent talked to the k12ltsp people yet though I have discussed 
this otherwise with some Fedora people. Open to the idea.

>You'd be doing everyone a favor if you
>could arrange to mirror his rebuild on the official fedora
>site with a big link that says 'Hey - this version is better
>for a lot of reasons'.  This is work that is already done
>and it is just a matter of embracing it.  As it stands, I
>don't think people 'get it' that the k12ltsp version really
>is a stock updated fedora plus a few add-ons that don't have to
>be installed.
Sure. We could do that.  You seem to be in touch with the relevant 
people. Can you request them to contact me? . I will see what can be done.


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