NIS restart issue

Paul Howarth paul at
Wed Jul 5 16:26:35 UTC 2006

Paul Michael Reilly wrote:
> I recently had to enable NIS on my FC5 box.  It was rather painful.
> Nowhere near as direct and simple as it ought to be.  I'm anxious to
> hear how a Fedora guru would go about configuring and running NIS (as
> a client) on a box that was not originally configured to do so.
> What I did was somehow discover that running authconfig-gtk would be a
> good thing.  This was after I yummed ypbind, configured /etc/ypconf
> and started the ypbind service using the services gui tool, which then
> proceeded to "hang" (no response other than the wait cursor for many,
> many minutes).  Then I disabled selinux and the firewall and still no
> joy.  Only after running authconfig-gtk did NIS startup.  So
> authconfig clearly knows to do something that I am not aware of.  I
> hate when that happens. :-)
> But then my system got rebooted and NIS did not restart even though
> the ypbind service was configured to restart.  So I need to figure out
> what authconfig knows that I don't know and how to set things up to
> have NIS running after a reboot.

Do you have portmap running?


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