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Mon Jul 24 21:52:04 UTC 2006

On Mon, 2006-07-24 at 14:11 -0400, Tom Weston wrote:
> I'm running FC5 and have gotten a Samsung ML-2250 laser printer. It
> prints pretty well with the driver that printconf installs
> automatically. However I much prefer the printing with the driver that
> is available from the Samsung web site (it's runs faster, the margins
> are exactly right, and images are clearer). The Samsung driver is
> installed by a wizard that comes with the download. 
> The problem is that after I've installed the printer with the Samsung
> wizard, printconf doesn't recognize it and installs it again (with the
> suboptimal driver)! So how can I do one the following:
> (a) Tell printconf to stop trying to autoinstall "new" printers. 
> - or -
> (b) Prevent cupsd (and whatever other daemons/scripts are invoking
> printconf) from running printconf at all.
> - or -
> (c) get printconf-gui to show the Samsung suppled driver in its drop
> down box (then I could install the printer with printconf using the
> good driver). 
Well I am not completely sure but maybe this information will help.
Do not configure cups printers with printconf, printconf-gui or
All Cups printers should be configured using the Cups web interface

Cups postscript printdriver files are in the
directory /usr/share/cups/model

So that is where your updated driver should be I assume.
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