Optical drive not booting

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Mon Jun 19 18:38:48 UTC 2006

I must reinstall the OS. My problems are getting way out of hand. I
have two optical drives, a NEC and a Lite-On. My install media checks
out fine.

When I set the bios to boot from the NEC, it boots the install disk
and I can start the installation. The installation hangs, however, so
I'd like to try to install from the Lite-On. When I set the bios to
install from the Lite-On, it acts as if the disk is not an install
medium and tries to boot from the hard drive. This happens with the
FC5 install disk, with a known-good Kubuntu install disk, and with a
known-good Slax: so the problem is not in the medium. What can I check
to see why the Lite-On does not recognise bootable disks?

Thanks in advance.

Dotan Cohen

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