Startup and copying files is very slow

Gilboa Davara gilboad at
Wed Nov 8 18:53:47 UTC 2006

On Wed, 2006-11-08 at 04:01 +0200, Me2resh Lists wrote:
> Hi
> i have upgraded from fedora core 5 to fedora core 6
> the upgrade process went smooth.
> but after upgrading when i boot the system, it stopps for more than a
> minute @ :
> Not Using MMCONFIG
> and then continue and stop for more than a minute @ : 
> Starting Udev :
> also when i copy files through my drives or through the network, the
> speed is slower 5 times of the usual speed.
> does anyone knows what may casue such a thing ??
> thanks in advance, any help would be appreciated 
The MMCONFIG part seems to suggest a buggy BIOS/ACPI configuration.
A. What's your hardware configuration?
B. Can you post the output of dmesg?
C. Enter your BIOS. Do you have "OS type" selection? Does it say "Linux"
or "Other"?

- Gilboa

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